looking for your tribe?

You’ve come to the right place.

Site launch has been pushed back due to TAGG having to beat back a Cyberman invasion of Earth masterminded by Missy… what’s that? This is the plot of a Dr Who episode?


Well, since I’m a spectacularly poor inventor of reasons why things haven’t yet been done (yes, I do indeed hear the cackling of my boss in the background as I admit this truth) let me just be honest. I burnt my finger rather severely and have been recovering for the better part of the past two months due to a series of unfortunate medical events. I’ve therefore not yet had the chance to apply my perfectionism to the launch of this website.

However, I have it on the good authority of my physician (sadly, The Doctor is not my physician) that I will be back to full power in the next two weeks. So we’ll be going live in August once all preparations are complete! Bear with me… it’ll be worth it 🙂

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