About TAGG

The African Geek Girl has gone through several iterations on its journey to becoming what it now is. TAGG started in 2011 as the personal blog of an African girl abroad (in cold, cold Canada) who had just reached self awareness as a geek-nerd hybrid, and continued as such for several years. Blog entries ranged from analyses of books and movies to documenting the shenanigans of friends, pets and fellow students.

After several start-and-stops, and a series of existential crises, The African Geek Girl’s founder decided to take the leap, purchase a domain name and transform TAGG from a personal blog to a portal for geeks and nerds to share their experiences, passions and opinions.

TAGG aims to be a place where new geeks, old nerds, and all flavours of subculture aficionados in between can come to share, learn, laugh and connect. So whether you’re into dragons, futurism, cosplay, LARPing or you’re just trying to figure it all out – welcome to your tribe.