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For The Screamo Kid In You

There was a time when cheap eye liner and weird lip stick colours were my very best friends. Thankfully, everybody’s phone hadn’t turned into a mini-photo studio yet so you’ll just have to take my word for it. HOWEVER – this past week had me walking down memory lane in eye liner and black miniskirts. This Music Monday goes out to the screamo kid in all of us.

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Three Delightfully Dystopic Podcasts To Help You Disengage

Tired of the chaos, dejection and the generally dystopic outlook of your own existence? Looking for fun and distraction in the chaos, dejection and generally dystopic outlook of other people’s existence (fictionally, of course)? Look no further!

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These two Bollywood black comedies will alarm and entertain you

Simultaneously funny and deeply uncomfortable, black comedy is difficult to get right. Today, I present you two movies that’ll make you squirm with laughter… if you don’t turn them off first.

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Sudan Archives plays truth to power in Glorious

Every once in a while you catch wind of an artist who actually walks the walk and talks the talk of unabashed individuality. If that’s your jam, you’ll enjoy Sudan Archives.

A self-taught violinist, producer and singer, Sudan Archives’ unique style combines inspiration from Sudanese fiddlers (how cool is that?!) and R&B to create music that’ll have you bopping your head and occasionally doing a jig. In an interview with COLLiDE, Sudan Archives talks about two artists who’s music has had an impact on her: Juldeh Camara, a griot and Nyanyero (one-string fiddle) player from Gambia, and Jimi Hendrix. Talk about diversity of influence.

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Of all the Sudan Archives tracks I love, I’ve chosen Glorious – from her 2019 album titled Athena – for this Music Monday because the music video is amazing, and the song is just mix of hype and chill to take you into the week. So prepare for an audiovisual delight, and have a great week!


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Riz Ahmed – The Long Goodbye

Hello, have I ever told you that I am a firm fan of and believer in the Desi Agenda? No? Well, I am. I love Brown Boy Joy and Brown Girl Magic. I love Bollywood movies and Desi-to-the-West a capella music. I aspire to one day eat real spicy food (I’m okay with never catching this whale, though).

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Sampa The Great – Final Form

In this day and age, some people are still asking silly questions about whether or not other people are real nerds. I know, it’s absurd, but that’s the world we live in.

The good news is that there are other people who are just minding their business and letting their flags fly high. People like Rihanna, our Queen who refuses to release new music. People like Sampa The Great.

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Todrick Hall – Quarantine Queen

Those of you who live in the deep recesses of Disney fandom will be familiar with the name Todrick Hall. For the uninitiated – meet your newest, fiercest and possibly most fabulous friend.

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Let Them Die Like Lovers

Coming from the mind of Jesse Atlas, Let Them Die Like Lovers is everything you could want in a short film. High emotion, action, love, loyalty and questions of morality all come together to give you a 15 minute experience that you’ll want to have again and again.

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