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Let Them Die Like Lovers

Coming from the mind of Jesse Atlas, Let Them Die Like Lovers is everything you could want in a short film. High emotion, action, love, loyalty and questions of morality all come together to give you a 15 minute experience that you’ll want to have again and again.

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Avant-Guardians exists because we all need therapy


Even angels need therapy.

Avant-Guardians is a 7 episode series of therapy sessions between Razz, a guardian angel assigned to the future 3rd black president of the US, and Dr. Hanniel, a millennia old arch angel. Razz has been told she has to go to therapy, and Dr. Hanniel is trying to lead her through the process of becoming a better guardian to her human, and maybe even a better angel. A tall order, when Razz is basically a millennial angel who alternately thinks she’s doing great and then is a total failure.

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Dark Legacy – a Star Wars fan film for lovers of the Dark Side

The Force shall free me.

The first time I ever watched the original Star Wars trilogy, I remember being aware that I was supposed to be on the side of the Jedi… but barring Yoda, I didn’t like any of them. Not even Luke. Besides – who doesn’t like Darth Vader?

Now, the Star Wars universe has expanded rapidly and exponentially since the first film was released, and the Sith have gradually gotten their shine. Dark Legacy continues the trend, by bringing us into the world of a Sith Lord and his unwilling apprentice, as he seeks to complete her training.

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The Record Keeper blurs the lines of blasphemy and it’s awesome

Fancy a little religion with your steampunk?

 The Record Keeper is a beautiful and sweeping take on the cosmic battle between good and evil as told in the Old Testament. But instead of focusing on the lives, times and tribulations of the human beings stuck living in the period between banishment from Eden and the Crucifixion, this show follows the story of two angelic brothers who are on different sides of the war as they narrate their versions of events to the Record Keeper.

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The Godstone Part 1

Mykhos aevan leri

The wind rushes about her, swirling in smoky patterns of dark blues and dull greys. She stares into it, comforted by the familiarity. Beyond this, everything is darkness. She begins to walk and the wind catches each step cautiously; the feeling is is like floating on air, or water… she’s not quite sure if there would be a difference.

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