Proud Mary: The Movie That Keeps on Rollin’

Mary is a hitwoman for a Boston crime family, whose life is changed after she crosses paths with a young boy.

To say I was excited for this movie would be lying. I was singing-the-theme-song-whilst-walking-into-the-theatre levels of lit. It was advertised as fun and guns, with a healthy dose of snark – and then the movie started and I realised that whoever headed up this movie’s marketing campaign was either incompetent or a saboteur.  Either way, it was well worth watching.

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IDGAF. I still want to believe

When I first watched The X Files I was very young. It was the episode with the lights in the forest. It scared the hell out of me, I won’t lie. But… I immediately wanted to believe. Over the years, I wasn’t what you would call a loyal fan – the show came on at odd hours; I had a curfew. These were the troubled times before Netflix and chill, guys, you have to understand. But I caught the occasional episode and was part of the Scully and Mulder “will they / won’t they” bandwagon.

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