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TENET is still coming, and I’m still excited

Starring John David Washington, son of the iconic Denzel Washington, TENET promises to be a time-bending, espionage action thriller – and I trust Christopher Nolan to deliver.

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My First Anime

I remember when Animax came to DsTV. I was bored of the History Channel late one night – this was back in the days when they actually did documentaries, not Ice Road Truckloads or whatever – and decided to see what else was on. This channel showed up which I wasn’t familiar with, playing a show called Elfen Lied and I thought “seems legit” and tuned in.

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IDGAF. I still want to believe

When I first watched The X Files I was very young. It was the episode with the lights in the forest. It scared the hell out of me, I won’t lie. But… I immediately wanted to believe. Over the years, I wasn’t what you would call a loyal fan – the show came on at odd hours; I had a curfew. These were the troubled times before Netflix and chill, guys, you have to understand. But I caught the occasional episode and was part of the Scully and Mulder “will they / won’t they” bandwagon.

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