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Catch Rainn Wilson continuing to be The Worst in the strangely humourous Shimmer Lake

A dark comedy crime thriller told in reverse, Shimmer Lake makes me wish that “cerebral slapstick” was a genre you could search on Netflix.

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Solo (not that one) isn’t a movie, it’s an experience

The first Bollywood movie I watched on Netflix was Baahubali, and it was a wild ride. If you love hyper-dramatic movies with beautiful sets, great music, and plot lines and special effects that are AMAZING but show that the movie takes you seriously neither as a concept, nor as a person? Watch both Baahubali movies and thank me when you pick yourself up off the ground.

Now, for those of you who prefer your entertainment to take you seriously as a person, a concept, or both – Solo may be more your speed. Led by sometimes charming, sometimes frightening Dulquer Salmaan, Solo is a beautiful journey in four parts, exploring themes of love and loss.

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The Strife: The Rite

Hello my pretty darlings! We’re here – the last installment of this run of The Strife. Are you ready?

The Rite

Desire and Rava were standing in the vast office, and seemed to be discussing something though neither was speaking. When She saw him, the Strife Lord gave one of her conditioned smiles and clapped her hands together once. Without seeming to move, the three were now in a stone chamber. Torches lit the space and a large platform stood in the middle of the room, between the two gods and Zhevicra. He wanted to speak, to ask what was going on, but something told him that it would be best to keep silent.

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The Boondock Saints

There are likely a myriad of reasons why this movie should have aged badly. And yet…

Since I first saw this movie in 2009, a full decade after its initial release, I knew that it would become one of those movies I watched over and over ad infinitum. Fast forward a decade and a year… and I’ve watched The Boondock Saints at least once a year since then, usually around St. Patrick’s Day because well, why not?

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Star Trek: Into Darkness may hurt your Trekkie heart, but it’s a decent action movie

Not quite an oldie and not quite a goldie… but a nice way to pass a lazy afternoon.

Some basic facts first: Star Trek: Into Darkness hit theatres in mid-May of 2013, and was a huge hit. It is, of course, the sequel to Star Trek (2009) which is a reboot of the Star Trek franchise of TV series’ and movies. JJ Abrams has thus far been at the helm of the reboot and his films have met with huge box office success, whilst simultaneously being largely rejected by hardcore Trekkies on the basis of pretty much everything.

Full Disclosure: I am barely any type of Trekkie.

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