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Tragic and beautifully shot, Haider’s take on Hamlet proves that great storytelling is forever

I never thought I’d recommend for anyone to watch yet another Shakespeare adaptation but here I am, enthusiastically doing so. Haider’s take on Hamlet brings the classic tragedy into the real, blending European melodrama with Bollywood flair with an ease that really shouldn’t be possible.

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Solo (not that one) isn’t a movie, it’s an experience

The first Bollywood movie I watched on Netflix was Baahubali, and it was a wild ride. If you love hyper-dramatic movies with beautiful sets, great music, and plot lines and special effects that are AMAZING but show that the movie takes you seriously neither as a concept, nor as a person? Watch both Baahubali movies and thank me when you pick yourself up off the ground.

Now, for those of you who prefer your entertainment to take you seriously as a person, a concept, or both – Solo may be more your speed. Led by sometimes charming, sometimes frightening Dulquer Salmaan, Solo is a beautiful journey in four parts, exploring themes of love and loss.

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