Shadow Wraith: The Written Histories

Faril settled in his reading room, lighting the lamp which stood on the desk. He shuffled papers about to make room for the small book which sat nestled in one of the inner pockets of his robe

Shadow Wraith: The Apprentice

Rena crouched behind the row of garden bushes which lined Faril’s quarters, her eyes wide and her mouth agape. She hardly noticed the chill which had entered her bones, nor the painful cramping in her arms and legs

the colour of a soul

Shey peered mistrustfully around the room. A single stool sat in the middle, and the entire room was an indistinct colour which may have been white. No windows, one door. she was to stay here until Faegun, the First Spirit, revealed to her – and to all those waiting outside – the colour of her soul.

Dragon Age: Redemption

My love of all things Dragon Age is well documented. What is significantly less well-documented is that I’m also a fan of Felicia Day – yes, because of The Guild. 

Shadow Wraith: The Librarian

The Librarian —- Rena made her way slowly from Faril’s desk and to the back of the library, taking a new route with each trip. By the fourth load she had figured out that if she walked straight from the desk, through the first row of books, took a left and counted four rows then…

Touched By Darkness by Catherine Spangler

There’s a thing happening on the Interwebs. A thing called indie publishing. Sure, there’s a lot of chaff (SO much chaff) but if we can sift through the chaffy bits and get to the good stuff, it can be REALLY good. 

An African City

I finally found it! That webshow that’s about young African ladies living their lives! I knew it had to exist, I’d almost given up the hunt… But I knew.

Shadow Wraith: Introduction

The Wrecks —- Haerith was a beautiful continent. It always had been, Svorin thought. He peered from the mouth of the cave past the water and to the grassy shores of Alatra. Though an ancient country in terms of the written histories, Alatra was still new in his eyes. He’d only heard of it several…

The Silent City

Only take what you can carry Only kill what you can eat Don’t make bonds you can’t break Don’t get caught outside after dark Never ask why Never look back

Crossover: House Grezanta, The House of Peace

Courtesy of HBO and a crafty translator… I present to you to my House:   Just a little something I learnt and am totally unsurprised by: The Drow have no word meaning Dignity. nor do they have one for Tranquil or Tranquility. And the word for peace is spelt like it’s meant to be said with disgust… and…