For The Screamo Kid In You

There was a time when cheap eye liner and weird lip stick colours were my very best friends. Thankfully, everybody’s phone hadn’t turned into a mini-photo studio yet so you’ll just have to take my word for it. HOWEVER – this past week had me walking down memory lane in eye liner and black miniskirts. This Music Monday goes out to the screamo kid in all of us.

Sueco – Paralyzed

I actually came across this song through Sueco’s TikTok promo video (in case anyone was wondering if that kind of thing works… the answer is yes, apparently). This was the slope down which I slipped back into memories of eyes buried in black liner and lips sticky with whatever incongruous lip stain was my poison of the day. Good times, musically speaking. Sueco’s new release, Paralyzed, is that classic mix of catchy riffs and soaring vocals that first called out to my eardrums in my tween years. Put this in your ears and start the work week with a rather aggressive and slightly emotional pep in your step.

Falling In Reverse – Hanging On

There isn’t enough room on the digital page for me to talk about how much I love Falling In Reverse’s limited discography. They’re one of those bands you simultaneously want but don’t want to release new music. What they’re given us is basically perfect – and it’s so hard to match up to, nevermind beat basically perfect. Hanging On once again puts brilliant soaring vocals on display, backed up by a chorus which makes you feel like you’re in the company of fellow stans. Fair warning – you may or may not get up to lip sync on this one.

Bring Me The Horizon – Follow You

First things first – this music video should come with a trigger warning for gore – and glee in the face of that gore. Unsurprisingly, the video met with some disapproval when it was released – but what is life without controversy, right? I don’t know nearly enough to offer any sort of analysis of the suburban gun-fest and how it relates to our gleeful main character with half a face of eyeliner… but I’m sure it was very meaningful. For those of you who, like me, are mainly here for the music I will say this song has a best lyrical arrangement of this week’s Music Monday submissions. Put on your happy face and do a little jig, beccause Bring Me The Horizon really came for us on this track.

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