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when he arrived nobody really knew what to do with him. he appeared in a quiet residential area on the outskirts of town wearing a t-shirt and khaki pants. when they asked him who he was he said that his name was Kah’nul. when they asked him where he came from he said he came from Kah’nul.

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Afemi: One

HR Vanguard Unit 4, a part of the seventh unit designated for Human Reconnaissance, maps the area to be swept and opens its Uplink to the collective, sharing the information with all other units in its squad. A few seconds of inter-unit discussion of areas to be covered and the search begins. Unit 4 moves swiftly, perhaps too swiftly, examining large rock formations for signs of hidden entrances, discoloured dirt patches for signs of blood. Sometimes the humans are very clever and do not leave any evident signs. Sometimes they set decoys and an inexperienced unit is lost in a rain of fire. But on the whole, humans aren’t too good at evading HR squads.

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Afemi: Prologue




She blinks into consciousness and stares in the space occupied by the voice. The voice echoes in her head for a brief moment before clicks of recognition begin. Speech. Conversation. It is a capability which she possesses. The space occupied by the voice lacks a body. Perhaps that is normal. She speaks in its direction, at a black box hanging just below some form of  shining cylinder with a red light coming from it. “H-hello.”

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The Silent City is an eerie take on the apocalypse

Only take what you can carry
Only kill what you can eat
Don’t make bonds you can’t break
Don’t get caught outside after dark
Never ask why
Never look back

We happen upon an all-too-familiar post-apocalyptic world in which the above words have become the way of life and only means of survival for our main character. It’s a variation on an old theme, to be sure, but there is lots of value to be had in simply re-fashioning the wheel. And The Silent City is a case of brilliant re-fashioning, as the first episode draws us not only into the world, but into the life of an unnamed protagonist, whose only goal is… you guessed it – to stay alive.

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