The One That Changed Everything

Every universe has to make internal sense. I’ve said this before. What I didn’t say was that I used to believe that every universe had to make sense, as I understood sense to exist. Trinity Blood disabused me of this foolish notion.

trinity blood 2

Trinity Blood features a silly priest named Father Nightroad, who works for the Vatican, ineptly seeking out and fighting Methuselah (they’re vampires, okay). However, Father Abel Nightroad is more than just a priest – he’s a Crusnik – a vampire that feeds on other vampires.

You could make a mild drinking game out of taking shots anytime this comes up.

Anyway, I went through this series with absolute fascination and mild confusion. This was because this is a world wherein:

  • The Vatican controls approximately half of the world and the other half is controlled by vampires
  • The child Pope’s older sister is a powerful cardinal, in charge of a militarised wing of the Roman Catholic Church’s clergy, who’s members include a cyborg
  • It turns out that all of this is occurring at least 900 years into the future and Abel, his arch enemy and two other characters are test tube babies infected with alien nanomachines from Mars (because humanity colonised Mars, duh)
  • The Methuselah are the Mars colonists who came back to Earth

Yep. But it was so cool. So remember, it may not make sense in this universe, but if it makes sense in its own universe; everything is fine.


Linda, AKA TAGG herself, loves great music and terrible movies. Find her being geeky on Twitter @ThatLFM


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