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My AniMayhem Confession

AniMayhem draws to a close and who would I be if I didn’t end on a fun note? Somebody else, that’s who! So… are you ready for my dark anime confession?

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My Favourite Anime

All in all I’ve been watching anime with vary degrees of intensity for over a decade now. In that time I’ve never stopped to consider what my favourites are out of the multitude, or why. But for you, dear (possibly fictional) readers, I shall endeavour!

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The One That Nearly Ruined Everything

Endings are hard. Chuck said this in Supernatural and it’s absolutely true. An ending can either tie together or rip apart a story. But rarely, very rarely en ending is just so stupid that it renders your mind numb, and totally incapable of reconciling what you just saw to the feelings you had previously.

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My First Anime

I remember when Animax came to DsTV. I was bored of the History Channel late one night – this was back in the days when they actually did documentaries, not Ice Road Truckloads or whatever – and decided to see what else was on. This channel showed up which I wasn’t familiar with, playing a show called Elfen Lied and I thought “seems legit” and tuned in.

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