My AniMayhem Confession

AniMayhem draws to a close and who would I be if I didn’t end on a fun note? Somebody else, that’s who! So… are you ready for my dark anime confession?

I’m all about the dub

That’s right mothersubbers, I watch dubbed anime on purpose even when the sub is available. I could blame it all on my terrible eyesight (which really is terrible, I’m not making this up) but the truth is that… I just want to focus on the visuals the first time around.

After I’ve watched something the first time I have no problem watching the sub to get a better feel for the inflections, but please oh blessed gods, don’t make me watch a sub first time around because I’ll keep rewinding to catch things.

So there you have it, friends. The end of AniMayhem.

Watch Anime. Be Happy.

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