My AniMayhem Confession

AniMayhem draws to a close and who would I be if I didn’t end on a fun note? Somebody else, that’s who! So… are you ready for my dark anime confession?

I’m all about the dub

That’s right mothersubbers, I watch dubbed anime on purpose even when the sub is available. I could blame it all on my terrible eyesight (which really is terrible, I’m not making this up) but the truth is that… I just want to focus on the visuals the first time around.

After I’ve watched something the first time I have no problem watching the sub to get a better feel for the inflections, but please oh blessed gods, don’t make me watch a sub first time around because I’ll keep rewinding to catch things.

So there you have it, friends. The end of AniMayhem.

Watch Anime. Be Happy.


Linda, AKA TAGG herself, loves great music and terrible movies. Find her being geeky on Twitter @ThatLFM


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