The One That Nearly Ruined Everything

Endings are hard. Chuck said this in Supernatural and it’s absolutely true. An ending can either tie together or rip apart a story. But rarely, very rarely en ending is just so stupid that it renders your mind numb, and totally incapable of reconciling what you just saw to the feelings you had previously.

This is the lesson I learnt from Soul Eater

This anime was yet another coming of age story that I truly enjoyed, without realising what exactly I was watching. It features a vibrant, and oftentimes humorous, cast of characters ranging from a teacher who dies and comes back to teach as a zombie and a student who is the last remaining member of a once-powerful assassin clan – predictably, Black Star, the last awesome assassin can’t sneak up on a leaf. Other characters of note include Death and his son, Death The Kid – who’s obsession with symmetry leads him to choose twins sister guns as his weapons.

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Soul Eater started off whimsical and ended deadly serious, asking some deep and disturbing questions about friendship, morality and the true value of sanity. It culminates in an epic battle, which I’m told in the manga is glorious and fulfilling, but in the anime fizzles and dies an unremarkable death.

Is Soul Eater worth watching? Yeah, why not. Great characters, fun story line and awesome animation. Is it worth watching over something else who’s ending isn’t as nauseating as tepid tea? No.


Linda, AKA TAGG herself, loves great music and terrible movies. Find her being geeky on Twitter @ThatLFM


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