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Almost 30 is the show every 29 year-old should watch

Source: http://www.matthewacherry.com/

I thought we’d take a break from our regularly scheduled programming, to bring you a web series that is neither sci-fi, nor fantasy. Imagine that! Instead, it’s just about being a middle range millennial trying to make things work. Sound interesting?

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Avant-Guardians exists because we all need therapy

Source: https://avantguardianstheseries.com/gallery/

Even angels need therapy.

Avant-Guardians is a 7 episode series of therapy sessions between Razz, a guardian angel assigned to the future 3rd black president of the US, and Dr. Hanniel, a millennia old arch angel. Razz has been told she has to go to therapy, and Dr. Hanniel is trying to lead her through the process of becoming a better guardian to her human, and maybe even a better angel. A tall order, when Razz is basically a millennial angel who alternately thinks she’s doing great and then is a total failure.

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