Avant-Guardians exists because we all need therapy

Even angels need therapy.

Avant-Guardians is a 7 episode series of therapy sessions between Razz, a guardian angel assigned to the future 3rd black president of the US, and Dr. Hanniel, a millennia old arch angel. Razz has been told she has to go to therapy, and Dr. Hanniel is trying to lead her through the process of becoming a better guardian to her human, and maybe even a better angel. A tall order, when Razz is basically a millennial angel who alternately thinks she’s doing great and then is a total failure.

So, what inspires someone to stand on the edge of blasphemy for laughs? From the webseries’ creator, Alesia Etinoff: I wanted to comment on the state of society — the racist, sexist, trans/homophobic trauma in everyday life, but from a perspective that was seemingly removed, yet invested, like one would imagine a guardian angel is.

In that, Alesia succeeded. This webseries is hilarious, touching, emotional and contemplative in turns. It will also remind you that it’s important to moisture, kids.

Source: http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/Cassandra_O%27Brien.%CE%9417
Moisturise me! Moisturise me!

I thoroughly enjoyed this series. Everything from the set design, to costuming, to acting was on point. If I’m feeling particularly nit-picky, I’d probably grumble a bit about how I’d have liked to get a little more information on the good doctor… she obviously had stories she could tell if she were the type to tell.

Mood Rating: Get out of your head by getting into Razz’s head… then get stuck in your own head again, wondering what your guardian angel calls you.


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