BAMF Girls Club is a fangirl’s best friend

Did you dream of being a vampire slayer when you were a little girl? Does Lisbeth Salander’s hairstyle speak to the darkness of your soul? Would you volunteer as tribute? Do you hate having to leave your sword at the door? Would you put on the Sorting Hat? Do you dream of technicoloured vampires? No? Well… the heroines in this web series do!


What happens when you put five of the most badass young women in pop culture in a house together… then add Bella Swan? BAMF Girls Club happens, that’s what. And it’s awesome. There’s no running storyline here, except that the ladies are living together Big Brother style and we get to watch one of the funniest mass crossovers of all time. The show has cameos from other BAMF Girls like Veronica Mars and Arya Stark. And don’t worry fellas, you’re covered when the Doctor pops in for a visit.


As one might expect, having all the above personalities slaying, hacking, training, surviving, casting and… argh-ing in one house can get tense. The show does a good job of cycling through the ups and downs of life with roommates. It depicts the fast friendships, strategic alliances and personal clashes which come with regular shared living whilst reminding the viewer that every once in a while, somebody could get seriously injured.

Acting and Casting

As far as suspension of disbelief goes… BAMF Girls Club does the business. Katniss and Michonne are – rather predictably – paranoid war-survivor besties. Lisbeth is over-the-top strange and practically skilled. Hermione is highly capable, but riddled with idiosyncrasies. Buffy drinks and makes appropriate demon comparisons and Bella… argh. Just argh. The cast interact believably with one another, and for the most part carry off their roles extremely well.

Mood Rating: You may not know it yet, but you need this comedic gem in your life. If only to see Lisbeth and Bella being friends.


Linda, AKA TAGG herself, loves great music and terrible movies. Find her being geeky on Twitter @ThatLFM


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