Neighbors will teach you a much-needed lesson about being neighbourly

There are plenty of reasons why you should leave your neighbours alone. Chief amongst them is that your neighbours may well be evil.

Meet Brad. He’s a friendly guy living alone in an apartment building upscale enough that his main concern is that the locks on the doors can be picked. Can, not have ever been, mind you. Anyway. Brad’s a friendly guy who just wants to get along with his neighbors. So when someone new moves in down the hall, of course he tries to start a conversation in the elevator with his new neighbour. 

He fails, of course. What ensues is Brad’s continuing attempts to speak to this new resident, and the new resident eventually giving his name to Brad and his also friendly-for-no-reason girlfriend, Melanie. Then things get tense, as the kids say. 

Neighbors is a horror / suspense short film from No Name Brand Films, written and directed by Brandon Boudreaux. In its 10 minute runtime, this short plays on the fears that we’ve all had whenever someone new moves into the neighbourhood… what if they call the cops at 8pm on Saturday when the dinner party gets a little loud? What if they own one of those insufferable ratdogs? What if they’re evil? 

Mood Meter: Are you a recovering nosy neighbour? Then this is just what you need on your journey to wellness.  



Linda, AKA TAGG herself, loves great music and terrible movies. Find her being geeky on Twitter @ThatLFM


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