Almost 30 is the show every 29 year-old should watch

I thought we’d take a break from our regularly scheduled programming, to bring you a web series that is neither sci-fi, nor fantasy. Imagine that! Instead, it’s just about being a middle range millennial trying to make things work. Sound interesting?

Justin’s going through a rough time. Mans just proposed to his girlfriend (I don’t think she knew she was still his girlfriend) with a botched Love Jones line and she… walked away. And he’s about to be homeless because of his poor powers of observation. His best friend Ricky hears this tale of woe and offers what appears to be a viable solution to Justin’s impending homelessness. They move in together, and begin hunting for the perfect roommate, who turns out to be their coworker Dream. Thus ensue the many mundane adventures of millennial life.


Overall, the story was well-written and paced, with the episodes each dealing with an aspect of young life whilst carrying through the overarching story (three friends just trying to live their best lives). At times uncomfortable, at times saddening and somehow always funny, watching Almost 30 felt a bit like being hit on the funny bone over and over.

But, I liked it.


Alright so some parts, especially the scenes in public spaces, were obviously staged more for ease of filming rather than realism. But I can forgive that, especially since it worked to bring across the point overall. Also, it’s always so nice to see a black cast being filmed in such a way that we can see all their actual facial features (I’m looking right at you, Hollywood. But you probably can’t see that because you’re lighting my face like you only hire poorly-trained lobsters).

Whether shooting day or night scenes, indoor or outdoor – the camerawork was on point.

Acting and Casting

Michael Moss (Justin), Sherial McKinney (Dream) and Ricky Smith (Ricky) have amazing chemistry on screen, which apparently is a carry-over from their off-screen tomfoolery. That, combined with the – frankly way too relatable – situations the characters find themselves trying to navigate, makes Almost 30 easily one of my most painfully enjoyable web series finds to date.

Mood Rating: Get your millennial friends together and celebrate the memories and madness of our struggle to catch a comeup.


Linda, AKA TAGG herself, loves great music and terrible movies. Find her being geeky on Twitter @ThatLFM


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