Proud Mary: The Movie That Keeps on Rollin’

Mary is a hitwoman for a Boston crime family, whose life is changed after she crosses paths with a young boy.

To say I was excited for this movie would be lying. I was singing-the-theme-song-whilst-walking-into-the-theatre levels of lit. It was advertised as fun and guns, with a healthy dose of snark – and then the movie started and I realised that whoever headed up this movie’s marketing campaign was either incompetent or a saboteur.  Either way, it was well worth watching.

So… Let Us Begin

Acting: 7/10

The pedigree of the main cast is unquestionable. Whatever problems exist in the editing of the movie (and yeah, there are quite a few problems), the execution by a cast which boasts Danny Glover and Taraji P. Henson makes up for them. Danny is frightening as crime boss Benny, a man who saved a young girl from the streets, and in exchange taught her to murder for the mob. His son Tom, played by Billy Brown (you may know him as the hot detective from How To Get Away With Murder) is part impatient heir, part clingy ex-boy friend and all final boss level villain. Then there’s the unexpected treasure of the movie, young Jahi Di’Allo who holds his own in a movie populated with heavyweights.

The only thing dragging them down is the editing, to be quite honest.

Aesthetic: 8/10

Woo – those wigs! I saw in the end credits there was a wig co-ordinator. That person single-handedly earned this movie a solid 6 points. The other two are courtesy of the wardrobe department, and whoever picked the cars.

No, but seriously, everything just fit.

Storyline: 6/10

This is where it all fell apart.

I get it, this is a heart-warming tale about a woman and a young boy finding their way in a cold, crime-infested world. And also, occasionally it’s about snatching wigs and firing weapons. I’m not sure where in there you find time for sloppy story-telling but there we have it. And to be fair, the story itself wasn’t bad, but the execution let it down.

Honourable Mention:  

That soundtrack – worth watching for the music alone.

Mood Rating: Roll yourself and some of your closest friends together for a movie night and watch a flawed but highly entertaining movie.


Linda, AKA TAGG herself, loves great music and terrible movies. Find her being geeky on Twitter @ThatLFM


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