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Six Works of SFF Short Fiction that Defy Convention

Anthology time! Curated by Thea James for Tor.com and written by diverse, award winning voices, this collection of short stories is nothing short a work of art,.

This collection is excellent, the fine dining multi-course of science fiction and fantasy a good date with a great imagination would take you to. Even the weakest of the stories (I’m not telling which one that was), lends something to the tableau that makes the whole a joy to take in at once. All the stories are short enough to consume on a break or between tasks, and I’m sure whenever it is you finish the last one, it’ll be with that familiar feeling of loss that accompanies finishing a great book. The stories are all unexpected, sometimes disturbing, mostly mysterious and all so wickedly smart I kept repeating “wow” under my breath.

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The Record Keeper blurs the lines of blasphemy and it’s awesome

Fancy a little religion with your steampunk?

 The Record Keeper is a beautiful and sweeping take on the cosmic battle between good and evil as told in the Old Testament. But instead of focusing on the lives, times and tribulations of the human beings stuck living in the period between banishment from Eden and the Crucifixion, this show follows the story of two angelic brothers who are on different sides of the war as they narrate their versions of events to the Record Keeper.

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Star Trek: Into Darkness may hurt your Trekkie heart, but it’s a decent action movie

Not quite an oldie and not quite a goldie… but a nice way to pass a lazy afternoon.

Some basic facts first: Star Trek: Into Darkness hit theatres in mid-May of 2013, and was a huge hit. It is, of course, the sequel to Star Trek (2009) which is a reboot of the Star Trek franchise of TV series’ and movies. JJ Abrams has thus far been at the helm of the reboot and his films have met with huge box office success, whilst simultaneously being largely rejected by hardcore Trekkies on the basis of pretty much everything.

Full Disclosure: I am barely any type of Trekkie.

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