Four Weddings and a Funeral

Sporting an amazing soundtrack, this 2019 TV adaptation of the (arguably) classic 1994 movie of the same name is the best is just about the best thing you can waste some hours watching this leaping month of love.

Why? Well, for many reasons, not least amongst them being that the show is actually really funny, in that painful I’m-in-this-Tweet-and-I-don’t-like-it kind of way that good comedy tends to be.

I did mention the amazing soundtrack, right?

Our cast stars Game of Thrones alum Nathalie Emmanuel alongside the instantly endearing Nikesh Patel. Nathalie’s ever-flawless hair and Nikesh’s patently unfair dimpled smile could have ensured this show’s watchability by themselves. But no, they had to add fuel to the fire with screen-melting chemistry and one of the best supporting casts I’ve ever had the pleasure of secondarily caring about.

As with the original film, this 2019 TV rom-com centres around the lives of a group of friends as they navigate the late stage of their youth and all the associated joys and heartaches that come with. You’ll get to witness, of course, four weddings which have varying levels of success; and one funeral which will break your heart then warm the jagged pieces with a good bit of football hooligan fun.

Nathalie Emmanuel plays Maya, a driven, brilliant young political speechwriter who’s escape from a complicated situation with her boss comes in a form of a holiday in England where she’s attending her best friend’s wedding. Because life doesn’t hand you just one lemon at a time… she arrives at the end of her journey only to find that her bag’s been lost.

Don’t you just believe in these two already??

Enter Kash, who’s at the airport being a dutiful son and trying to get his dad to eat something healthy for lunch. His good deed is punished when said dad volun-tells him to assist the screeching American (because it’s always an American) by taking her down to the depot and finding her incredibly nondescript black travel bag. The pair start off rocky then everything smoothes out and even becomes pleasant as they chat about life, tell a couple lies and fall under the spell of the aforementioned screen-scorching chemistry.

But happy beginnings don’t really make for interesting storylines, do they? So everything goes predictably topsy-turvy as a series of events unfold which help the cast realise that: the K in Kash is very important; open lines of communication with college conquests is a good thing; sometimes the shot you shoot is an airball and that’s okay; and love is rarely, if ever, convenient.

MOOD RATING: Well worth the time it takes to watch, Four Weddings and a Funeral will take you on a roller coaster ride of feelings, tears, sobs and laughs and drop you right back where you started with a burning desire to go visit your old friends and live some new good times. Don’t believe me? The trailer will convince you!

Watch Four Weddings and a Funeral trailer – for the squees


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