Dark Legacy – a Star Wars fan film for lovers of the Dark Side

The Force shall free me.

The first time I ever watched the original Star Wars trilogy, I remember being aware that I was supposed to be on the side of the Jedi… but barring Yoda, I didn’t like any of them. Not even Luke. Besides – who doesn’t like Darth Vader?

Now, the Star Wars universe has expanded rapidly and exponentially since the first film was released, and the Sith have gradually gotten their shine. Dark Legacy continues the trend, by bringing us into the world of a Sith Lord and his unwilling apprentice, as he seeks to complete her training.

If you have even the most cursory knowledge about Star Wars you will know that Sith take the phrase “the student has become the Master” quite literally… because the only way to graduate from your apprenticeship is, yep, to kill your master.

Dark Legacy skips all the angsty foreplay of “how did we come to this” (I’m looking right at you, young Skywalker) and just starts at the final moment – when our nameless Sith Lord gives Kia, his clearly coerced student, the opportunity to graduate. He even gives her her very own light saber – isn’t that nice?

No? Oh well… at least the fight scene is cool.

Mood Rating: This is the droid you are looking for.


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