The mis-adventures of Awkward Black Girl is awkward

So awkward. Seriously. This show is so awkward I feel awkward watching it. I feel awkward for all the stuff Jay goes through, the situations she gets stuck in… But maybe most of all I feel awkward because I remember those struggles.

One of the most established side-effects of being geeky is that we tend to be quite awkward. In varying degrees, of course, but we all have our moments. For me, it tends to be my fondness of making movie, game, book and cartoon references all the time. The trouble is that very few people ever know what the significance or relevance of what I’m saying is to the situation at hand. Unless it’s over 9000. Because E-VE-RY-BODY knows that reference.

What I enjoyed

Well, as a geeky black girl I’m forever stuck looking for stuff which features people who look like me. Don’t get me wrong. I love The Guild as much as the next nerd, but it does make me feel a little left out that nobody in that show looked like me. Ditto with Top Decking, ditto with a heck of a lot of the stuff that’s available for your geeky enjoyment around the world. Let’s not get into the politics, because that’s a topic that goes on forever. The point is I can see myself in Issa Rae’s character on a level that’s very personal.

If you’re not  a geeky black girl, don’t be dismayed! This show is for you as well (just like The Guild, League of Legends, etc. are also for me). The essence of this series is to show us the life of a character who suffers from an acute case of social awkwardness. She could be you, your brother, your best friend, anybody really. The show is at times hilarious, at times emotional, at times unbearably cute and even infuriating. I really enjoyed following Jay’s mis-adventures and probably empathised with her way  more than I should.

As with most web shows, the second season was technically superior to the first season. Likely because it was picked up by Pharrell’s i am OTHER Youtube channel and with that comes a whole lot of awesome new resources for filming.


What I didn’t enjoy

I’ll admit it. I skipped a few episodes, particularly ones in the second season. Overall the show was amazing, and very realistic and relatable, but I got a little bored towards the end. It began to feel like we were following Jay’s awkward adventures more to stretch out episodes rather than to fuel the story. However, it was a pretty minor gripe for an otherwise great viewing experience.

Mood Rating: get together with some of your best and most awkward friends, buy some pizza and ice cream and have a fun night in.


Linda, AKA TAGG herself, loves great music and terrible movies. Find her being geeky on Twitter @ThatLFM


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